Narrowing Your Search

We know our customers are particular about their needs and know exactly what they want. To enable greater flexibility in finding specific products, customers can use the refinement navigation located on the left hand side of the website. Here, you are able to select specific categories and drill down to the exact product type they are looking for.

  • Example: Looking for 16x DVD-R LightScribe compatible media? Using the refinement navigation, I would select the "DVD-R Media" category, "16x", and then "LightScribe" located the product attributes. Only products that match these attributes will appear.

The flexibility of our refinement navigation does not stop with product attributes. Customers can also narrow their search to specific price ranges and brands. For example, blank media aficionados would most likely only be interested in seeing Taiyo Yuden related products. With our refinement navigation, it is not only possible, but very easy requiring a few simple clicks.